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Order your school dinner

In order to start online payments parents and guardians must first register their details. Please follow the instructions below.

Click on the link -

This will take you to the page pictured below. Choose the middle panel that says Payments




This will then take you to the page below. On this page click on the Log in or Register button.

This will open a new page. Choose New User to register.

You will then see the form below. Please complete the form. Under the heading ‘New Pupil Details’ is a table, choose your school from the list in the first box and then enter your childs full name, year group and class. Click on the Register Me button to complete registration.


Please allow 48 hours once you have completed the meal registration form for your account to be activated.

Once your account is activated and linked to your child, you will receive an email from You will then be able to credit money onto your child’s account and view the balance.


Please be advised the minimum payment allowed onto your account is £10 and for improved security, we do not store your credit/debit card details, so these will need to be entered each time you make a payment.

Once registered, you will be automatically reminded when your balance falls below £5.