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Out of school learning

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” ~ Albert Einstein


School trips are a great opportunity to learn outside the classroom in new, interesting and practical ways. School trips offer a huge range of benefits for students, not all of them academic. We believe that a school trip can be a truly formative experience in terms of a pupil's personal and social development too.They form an integral part of the Ray Lodge experience, and each pupil at our school can expect to have at least two outside trips per year.


Here are just a few of the benefits our school trips offer our children:


By seeing for themselves what they’ve been learning about in class, our children  gain a better, deeper understanding of the topic. 

School trips can also help our children to understand the importance of what they’re studying, making them more motivated to learn and more likely to retain the information. 

Improved relationships

By escaping the everyday confines of the classroom, and sharing new experiences, our children build trust and respect with each other.

Children are better equipped to work with their classmates and their teacher. We also find that they’re more comfortable to ask questions or seek help. 

Higher engagement

The opportunities that school trips offer to embrace different learning styles means that those that prefer more visual or tactile methods will engage more in the learning. 

Trips can also give us the opportunity to learn more about our children’s learning styles – and this information can then be used to improve engagement in the classroom environment. 

Improved confidence

By experiencing another environment and/or culture, enjoying new foods and seeing different landscapes on a school trip, our children can become more confident and open to new things. This builds their cultural capital. 



Examples of the trips that we run, where children will enjoy learning in action, might include:


  • Our annual Year 6 residential trip

  • Kew Gardens or London Zoo to see some of the things children have been learning about in science

  • A lunch in a London restaurant

  • Trips to Central London museums

  • Picnics in London parks

  • Theatre trips to see plays

  • A boat ride along the Thames

  • Many local attractions in and around Woodford and Redbridge


Please visit the school blog to find out more about our learning out of school -


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