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Reception Transition

Reception Starters.

Home visits will take place between the 6th and the 12th of September inclusive.

The youngest reception starters will attend for half days on Wednesday 13th September, with the remaining children on the 14th and 15th September.
All reception children will be at school for the whole day (8.45am – 3.10pm) from the 18th of September.

Nursery Starters.

All families who have returned their paperwork, will be invited to a stay and play session on the 6th of September.
Home visits will take place between the 7th and the 15th of September inclusive.
All children will be visited at home.

All children will start nursery, week commencing the 18th of September, with a staggered intake.


Kind Regards

The Nursery and Reception Teachers

10 Hints and Tips for helping your child start Ray Lodge

Primary School.


1. Be aware that your child will not automatically want to tell you all about their day as soon as they come out of school. Reassure them that this is OK, and that you will be happy to hear all about their day when they are ready. Be prepared for them to say hardly anything at all.


2. Starting school is tiring for young children. Give them the opportunity to chill out after school with a healthy snack and glass of milk and perhaps an earlier start to their bedtime routine.


3. Try not to fill their time at the end of the school day with new activities during the first two terms, to allow them time to adjust to their new routine.


4. Come to the teacher/family meeting on the first few days -  as this is a lovely way for both teacher and your child to get to know one another in their new environment.


5. Give your child an idea of what to expect. Most young people are excited and look forward to going to a new school but they may be confused about new routines and rules. Encourage them to ask their teachers about anything they are not sure about and that it is OK to do this.


6. Be positive, but also warn them gently that they may get tired and if they have any problems or feel sad they should tell their class teacher.


7. Get your child involved in a routine by encouraging them to get their school clothes and book bag ready the night before.


8. Avoid turning on the TV in the morning to entertain your child if you wish to avoid late mornings and arguments later on. Cultivate good habits early.


9. Remember to participate in the home activities that your child brings home such as reading or learning words, as parents participating in their children’s learning at home is proven to increase their child’s attainment in school.


10. Discuss with your child’s class teacher which system for rewarding good behaviour they use at school and adopt these techniques at home to give your child a consistent message.