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Rewards and Consequences

'One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes... and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.'

Eleanor Roosevelt



Developing an understanding of the Rule of Law...



A range of rewards are given to all pupils across the school when they display good citizenship and good learning behaviour. These include:


  • A smile


  • Praise


  • Stickers and stamps


  • Learning behaviour shared with the class, another class, other adults and shared in assembly


  • RAK (random acts of kindness) certificates


  • Homework certificates


  • Attendance certifcates


  • ‘Merit’ certificates - linked to the school's learning behaviour levels


  • Star awards – for something special in class or home


  • Headteacher Awards – for citizenship around the school and in the community


  • Post cards home – for those ‘golden’ learning moments


  • Announcements in our fortnight newsletter



Occasionally children will sometimes make the wrong choice. At Ray Lodge there are consequences that enable the children to reflect on their choices and to learn from them; thus helping them to understand the rule of law and good citizenship


The following consequences are given to Year 2 pupils and above if a misdemeanour occurs. When appropriate they are applied to Year 1 pupils:


Back on Track

If a pupil is disturbing the learning of others they are told their choice of behaviour is unacceptable and why it is unacceptable. This is a warning.

If the behaviour is repeated the child is issued with a ‘back on track’. The child is sent, with appropriate work, to another classroom. They are to stay in the other classroom for 15 minutes and continue with their work.


The teacher logs the misdemeanour in our behaviour  e-book. After two ‘BoTs’ the family is notified by the class teacher and a discussion about learning behaviour takes place. A member of the leadership team interviews children with 3+ time outs. Where behaviour is causing concern, an individual education plan will be established and the SENCo involved.



A reflection is a 20 minute reflection time during the lunch time period.

Behaviours that may warrant a reflection include:


  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Name calling

  • Damaging property

  • Refusing to obey instructions

  • Rudeness towards others


    When a reflection is given, the reason for it is explained to the child. The reflection is noted in the Reflection e-book. This information is submitted to the member of staff on Reflection duty. If a pupil receives two reflections, their parents will be informed by letter and invited in for discussion.

    In the very unusual event that behaviours involve violence or aggression, or is deemed to be a serious contravention of the school values, a ‘school pay back’ can be applied. This can last for two days.


    Children who attend reflection regularly for the same inappropriate behaviour will be internally excluded. Fixed term exclusions may be given in line with the LA guidance for exclusions.