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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


This term (Summer 2015) our Year 1 children will be learning:



Children will be reading stories about fantasy worlds. Pupils will be looking at images from the text and making predictions based around them. They will also be discussing and writing about how different characters feel and why. We will be reading the book ‘Beegu’ and encouraging the children to express their opinions about the actions of the characters, as well as writing their own opinion about the book. Later in the term, children will be reading a variety of books themed on poetry.

To help support your child, you could:

  • Read stories about fantasy worlds and get them to make predictions about the story based on the images or text they have read.
  • Read a variety of poetry books and identify and discuss the different patterns and rhymes.
  • To help develop your children’s reading skills practise daily phonics using the letters and sounds scheme-for help and guidance visit and for some fun interactive games.
  • When reading with your child, encourage them to predict what the story might be about and what might happen next. Discuss the different character’s feelings, the choices they have made and the reasons why.
  • Practise reading, spelling and using high frequency words in sentences. You might want to visit: this website will help your child to develop their spelling.



There are key facts that are essential for your child to know. In order to support your child with the acquisition of these, you could:

  • Count, read and write numerals from 0-100 and beyond.
  • Discuss different vocabulary with them e.g. add, more, plus, subtract, take away, less equals and total.
  • Help your child to name and describe the properties of 2D shapes and 3D solids discussing their properties e.g. how many sides, faces does a cube have? etc.
  • Support your child to learn their number bonds to 10 & 20.  Apply these facts to real life problems e.g. I have 16p the sweet cost 20p. How much more money do I need?
  • Practice telling the time starting with o’clock and half past.

Some useful websites:


Computing: ‘We are Collectors’

In this unit, the pupils will use web search engines to collect pictures of different types of animals and then explore ways in which those pictures can be organised.



The topic for this term is ‘Living in the Wider World’ - Learning about Money. This will give the children the opportunity to understand the value of money, the importance of saving and to be aware of what we need versus what we want.

In order for your child to get the best out of the topic, you could: Look at the cost of everyday/luxury items when out shopping. 

Some useful websites:


Religious education:

In RE children will be learning about ‘Who influences our lives’. In this unit, pupils will reflect on what people are special to them. Through stories from several religious traditions – Christian (St Francis), Muslim (Prophet Muhammad) & Sikh (Guru Nanak & Guru Gobind Singh) – they will then learn about some people who are believed to be special & how this specialness might influence the ideas & lives of people.

Please visit, which will provide you with further information.


Topic (International Primary Curriculum):

This term’s theme is: Buildings

Within this theme children will be learning how to identify differences between past and present structures, order structures, events and objects in to sequence.  Express views relating to buildings / structures in the local environment. Design and plan structures to make and find out about scientific issues relating to buildings.



Reading books will be changed every week and will be accompanied by a home/school reading record, which children will need to bring to school every day. Mathematics homework will be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school by the following Tuesday when it will be marked. English homework will also be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school the following Tuesday. Your child will also bring home a weekly spelling list to learn and will be tested on them every Tuesday or Wednesday.


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