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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

This term (Summer 2015) our Year 2 children will be learning:



Children will be reading Traditional tales from different cultures and thinking about the writer’s use of adjectives, adverbs and descriptive phrases to create characters and settings before they write their own stories. They will experiment with word meaning and combinations of words to write their own riddles and poems. They will also be learning about the features of Non-chronological reports and writing their own Non-chronological reports.  To help, you could:

  • Read regularly with and to your child including a selection of Traditional tales by different authors e.g The Elves and the shoemaker, Peter and the wolf, non-fiction and poetry books. Perhaps you could play “Guess who” with your child, asking them to describe something or someone they can see, then support them to write down their clues in the form of a riddle.
  • Encourage your child to practise their handwriting.
  • You might want to visit: This website will help your child to develop their spelling.



There are key facts that are essential for your child to know. In order to support your child with the acquisition of these, you could:

  • Support your child to learn their number facts so that they can recall them rapidly. Ask quick fire questions e.g. what is 18 less than 50? What is 25 + 12? etc.
  • Link x tables to division, for example: how many 3s are there in 27?(

  • Include them in practical maths activities e.g. telling the time, weighing and measuring, using money etc. Ask questions such as: If we leave for school at quarter-past 8 and arrive at half -past 9, how long does the journey take? How many minutes late were we?
  • Apply maths skills to real life problems e.g. One apple costs 25p, how much will 5 apples cost? How much change will I get from £2.00?
  • Remind them that they should access and use their personal login and to visit the website:



Children will learn how to research a topic safely and effectively, they will use the computer to present their findings to others. They will also learn how to read, send and reply to emails, using the information they learn to solve a mystery.


The topics for this term are ‘Keeping money safe’ and ‘Differences’. We will be discussing ways that we can use money, how to keep it safe and where money comes from.

We will also learn to describe the similarities and differences between boys and girls, the main parts of the body and consider how to choose a healthy lifestyle. In order for your child to get the best out of the topic, you could:

  • Share stories with your child which talk about healthy lifestyles. Discuss how to keep money safe and how it can be used.


Religious Education:

In RE children will be thinking about why different books are special for different people. Pupils will reflect on books which are special to them and ask each other questions. They will then learn about the important books from 3 religions – the Bible, the Torah, and the Qur’an and they will hear about how these books are treated.


Topic (International Primary Curriculum):

This terms themes are: Hooray, Let’s go on holiday and Time Detectives.

Within these themes children will be learning about places people go to on holiday, how they travel there, what they do and the effect that tourism can have on places.

They will explore how and where people go on holiday now and they will compare this to holidays in the past.

Children will also learn about materials, how they age and change over time and how they can be sorted into groups. They will consider different ways of finding out about the past and look at the clues which are left behind.


Reading books will be changed regularly and will be accompanied by a home/school record card. Maths homework will be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school by the following Tuesday when it will be marked, sometimes in class. English homework will also be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school the following Tuesday. Your child will also bring home a weekly spelling list to learn which will be tested on a Tuesday.



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