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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

This term (Summer 2015), our Year 4 children will be learning:


Children will be looking at stories from different cultures and transferring what they have learnt into their own cultural stories. During this unit children will be focusing on the story ‘When Jessie Came Across the Sea’ and use this as the basis to investigate and write stories from different cultures.

Children will also explore poems that create images. In this unit children will describe the effect a poem has on the reader and suggest possible interpretations of a text.


To help your child at home, you could:

  • Read regularly with and to your child including a selection of fiction, non-fiction books e.g. Newspapers and websites are a good source of information
  • Reading booklets will be sent home daily. Please check your child’s target when listening to them read and complete the comment section.
  • Encourage your child to practise their handwriting.
  • You might want to visit: This website will help your child to develop their spelling.



There are key facts that are essential for your child to know. In order to support your child with the acquisition of these, you could:

  • In Year 4 children need to know their multiplication facts up to 12
  • Link x tables to division too, for example: how many multiples of 9 make 90?    (
  • Include them in practical maths activities e.g. telling the time, weighing and measuring, using money etc. Ask questions such as: A cake went into the oven at 2:45. It cooked for 45 minutes. What time did the cake come out?
  •  Apply maths skills to real life problems e.g. If you have a £20 note and buy 15 sweets at 25p each. How much change do you get?
  • Remind them that they should visit the website:



The computing topics for this term are:

We are Meteorologists

This unit brings together data measurement, analysis and presentation, as children take on the role of a meteorologist and weather presenter.

We are Musicians

Using music software, children produce music suitable for any purpose they choose. For example: adverts, movie scenes etc.



The PSHE topics for this term are:

Work and Money

In this unit children learn basic concepts around savings accounts, lending and borrowing. Children will also investigate paid employment and volunteer charity work.

Growing up

Within this unit children learn the process of growing from young to old and how people’s needs change. Children will be able to describe some of the changes that happen at puberty and recognise and care about other people’s feelings.


Religious Education:

In RE children will be learning about different customs and traditions of various religions and celebrate their similarities and differences.


Topic (International Primary Curriculum):

This term’s themes are:

Explorers and Adventures

Within this theme children will be learning about explorers and their discoveries. During this unit children investigate famous explorers and use a variety of maps to locate certain landmarks. In science children will create their own compass and learn about different sounds and echoes.


Shaping Up

In this unit children will investigate the human body and how to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Not only will children learn how people keep fit in different countries, they will also investigate how our muscles and organs work during the exercise process.



Reading books will be changed regularly and will be accompanied by a daily home/school record card. Please respond to any targets or comments made by the class teacher. Maths homework will be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school by the following Tuesday when it will be marked, sometimes in class. English homework will also be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school the following Tuesday. Your child will also bring home a weekly spelling list to learn. They will attempt their spellings in their journals using Look, Cover, Write and Check method. Spelling tests will take place every Thursday.


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