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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

This term (Summer 2015) our Year 5 children will be learning


The children will be reading the legend of Robin Hood. They will record their ideas, reflections and predictions about the book and will write their own alternative scenes. The children will be analysing how writers create suspense in order to include it in their own writing. The children will also study the features of non-chronological reports and recounts and will write their own based on our IPC topic. To help, you could:

  • Read regularly with and to your child including a selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books. Newspapers are a good source of recounts and the website: has a number of interesting recounts on topical issues.
  • Perhaps you could support your child to write a diary, recounting the events of each day.
  • Encourage your child to practise their handwriting.
  • You might want to visit: This website will help your child to develop their spelling.



This term Year 5 will be focusing on: reasoning, calculation and mental methods. They will use knowledge of number to solve problems using all four operations. They will learn different written methods that will aid them in solving problems. Children will rehearse multiplication facts up to 12x12 and the related division facts. They will discuss the facts that they recall rapidly and strategies to help them derive those they struggle to recall, for example: doubling 4 times-table facts to work out 8 times-table facts. Children will be exploring equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages and calculating these as an amount of a whole. Children will carry out their own investigations, including collecting, presenting and interpreting data. There are key facts that are essential for your child to know. In order to support your child with the acquisition of these, you could:

  • Support your child to learn the multiplication facts so that they can recall them rapidly. Ask quick fire questions e.g. what is 7 x 8 , 9 x 6 etc.
  • Link x tables to division too, for example: how many 8s are there in 56?    (
  • Include them in practical maths activities e.g. telling the time, weighing and measuring, using money etc. Ask questions such as: If there is 250ml of water in a bottle and I drink 150ml how much will be left? How do you know? What would happen if?
  • Apply maths skills to real life problems e.g. we need 8 apples. Is it cheaper to buy them individually or in a pre-packed bag?
  • Remind them that they should access and use their personal login and to visit the website:



This term our topic is: We Are Web Developers. In this unit, the pupils work together to create a website explaining e-safety and responsible online behaviour. We will also be covering the unit: We are Architects. In this unit, the pupils research examples of art gallery architecture, before using Trimble Sketch Up to create their own virtual gallery. Finally, they will use the gallery to exhibit their own artwork.



This terms theme with be Let’s Make Money. Within this unit the children will plan and manage a budget, calculate profit and loss, recognise value for money and understand financial risks associated with the internet. We will also look at Changes at Puberty. The children will have the opportunity to describe how their body and feelings will change as they approach and move through puberty; know when and understand why puberty takes place; and recognise when and how to ask for help and advice. Letters for this will be given out later on in the term.


Religious education:

This term’s topic in RE will look at the question: Why is Muhammad important to Muslims? In this unit, the children will be exploring the story of the first revelation to Muhammad and reflecting on the need for quiet times in life. They will then move on to look at why the Qur’an is so important to Muslims as well as how what Muhammad said and did have affected the ways in which Muslims live their lives today. We will also look at: Why are prayer and the mosque important to Muslims?


Topic (International Primary Curriculum):

This term’s theme is: What a Wonderful World We Live In.

Throughout this unit we will be learning more about the physical processes that shape our planet – and the vital role that we play in safeguarding our planet and its resources for future generations. We will also cover the topic: The Time Tunnel. In this topic we will investigate the importance of chronology and understand the reasons why things have happened and how the present is influenced by the past.



Reading books will be changed regularly and will be accompanied by a home/school reading record. Please fill out the reading record when you have read with your child. Mathematics homework will be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school by the following Tuesday when it will be marked, sometimes in class. English homework will also be given out on a Thursday and should be returned to school the following Tuesday. Your child will also bring home a weekly spelling list to learn.



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