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Year 6


This term (Summer 2015) our Year 6 children will be learning:



Year 6 will be focusing on a variety of genres such as: play scripts, newspaper reports, diary entries as well as stories for a younger audience. We will continue to work on narrative structures and ways to engage the reader. A variety of texts will be evaluated and used to develop our own writing.

To support your child at home, you could:

 Read regularly with and to your child including a selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books such as books by J.K. Rowling or Michael Morpurgo. You could also look at poems by Michael Rosen or Benjamin Zephaniah.

 Perhaps you could support your child by discussing what makes an interesting story such as the setting and description of characters.

 Ensure children are writing regularly. Perhaps children could write letters to family members thanking them for a Birthday gift or write in a diary recording events and activities they have done.

 Encourage your child to practise their handwriting.

 Practise their spellings and ensure homework is completed weekly and handed in on time.



There are key facts that are essential for your child to know. In order to support your child with the acquisition of these, you could:

 Support your child to learn and then practise the multiplication and division facts (especially the Times Tables 1-10) Ask quick fire questions. E.g. what is 8 x 6 = , 6², 12², 48 ÷ 6 =, etc. (

 Encourage your child to use Sumdog ( to practise areas of maths that need developing. All children should have their own log in details. If your child does have difficulty in logging in, please let us know so that the matter can be rectified.

 Apply multiplication facts to real life problems e.g. There is space in the multi-storey car park for 17 rows of 30 cars on each of the 4 floors. How many cars can park?

 Practical maths activities e.g.

-telling the time

-weighing and measuring (converting kg to g)

-using money

-looking at the temperature and asking how it would change if it dropped 5°C/12°C etc

 Visit: which has a range of interactive resources to support maths



We will continue to revise a range of scientific concepts and further develop our understanding of a fair test. We will conduct some practical investigations to support our learning. Later in the term, we will also learn about famous scientists and their inventions as well as the concepts that they have developed.



This term the children will focus on celebrating the past and welcoming the future. The children will reflect on, and celebrate their achievements as well as prepare for secondary school. This will include the Year 6 performance and the residential trip to Kingswood.

Later in the term the children will study the Sex and Relationship module that includes relationships and reproduction. They will learn the names of male and female reproductive organs as well as develop their understanding of the physical changes the body experiences during puberty. Parents/carers will be invited to a meeting nearer the time to give further information of what is taught in this module.

Topic (International Primary Curriculum)

This term’s theme is:

What Price Progress? In this topic we will be learning about climate change and the impact it has on our environment.

Later in the term our topic will be Growing Up and is linked to PSHE (see above).


Reading books will be changed regularly and will be accompanied by a home/school reading record. The reading record should be signed by an adult each time your child reads. The accumulation of adult signatures enables your child to achieve rewards in our Reading Challenge. Maths and English homework will be given out on a Thursday and is due back in the following Tuesday. Each week children will be given a spelling test. Their spellings will be given alongside their literacy homework. Children could continue to revise using their CGP guides.



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