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Keeping our children safe

'Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward,

safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.'

Princess Diana

The Governing Body of Ray Lodge Primary School takes seriously its responsibility under section 175 of the Education Act 2002 (section 157 in relation to the independent sector) to safeguard and promote the welfare of children; and to work together with other agencies to ensure adequate arrangements within our school to identify, assess, and support those children who are suffering harm. 

We recognise that all staff and Governors have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm, and that the child‟s welfare is our paramount concern. 

We strongly believe that our school should provide a safe, caring, positive and stimulating environment that promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child.

Health and Safety

The school has a robust health and safety policy, which is monitored each term by the relevant members of the school governing body. 

At our request, the Local Authority provide an annual inpection service and we use their monitoring checklist to ensure we are compliant with all Health and Safety responsibilties. The Headteacher, School Business Manager, Site Supervisor and Governors with responsibility for Health and Safety oversee this comprehensive list.

Any concerns from staff are reported to any of the above and an initial examination takes place immediately, assessing what remedial action needs to take place.

On at least a half-termly basis, there is a fire drill to practice efficient evacuation from the buildings. The school conducts an annual Fire Risk Assessment.

There is also a critical incident plan that details what staff and parents should do in the case of emergencies.

Appointment & Induction of Staff & Work Placements

All staff appointed to work in school have a criminal records search called a DBS check. This search highlights people who have a criminal record or if previous allegations have been made against them. If any member of staff is found to have a criminal record, the appointment is reconsidered by the Headteacher and the HR committee of the Governing Body. The LA is informed directly by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Newly appointed staff are assigned a mentor for their induction period. They are familiarized with procedures, policies and  safeguarding practices before starting at the school and are regularly updated during their first weeks at the school. All staff receive 6 monthly updates and training.


Induction of Volunteers

All volunteers must have DBS clearance.  For any extended contact with children, when children may be left alone with an adult, or when an adult visitor may be in and around the school building, a full DBS search will be conducted. Visitors who do not yet have clearance will under no circumstance be left alone with a child or group of children.


Welcoming Visitors

All visitors with a professional role - eg supply teachers, the School Nurse or members of the police - have relevant clearance. Students who work within our school community also have their DBS clearance confirmed. Anyone who spends time in school without this confirmation will be accompanied at all times.