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Ray Lodge Primary School

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Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

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Extended School Clubs

'The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active.'

Oliver Spencer

Please click on the link below to see the range of after school sports clubs which are provided by Sports Savvy.


The main benefit of after school clubs is that it widens your child’s interests. It helps them discover their innate talent for physical activities and provides an opportunity to hone it further. Constant practice and participation makes your children more confident.


Some of the advantages that after school clubs offer are:


Positive Mental Development

After school activities discourage children from watching too much television and computer games. This has positive influence on their mental development. Attention deficit, hyperactivity, rebelliousness and other undesirable personality aspects can be dramatically reduced through regular physical activity.


Tackling Childhood Obesity

After school sports clubs encourage children to participate in vigorous physical activity that They are important to fight childhood obesity which is constantly rising year upon year.


Social Awareness

Regular participation in sports and other types of clubs will also build social skills like teamwork and coordination.

Children acquire social awareness by working in a group. They learn how to become a responsible citizen by following rules. Socialisation is another skill that they pick up. They shed shyness or inferiority complex and learn to adjust well in a group.


Reducing Antisocial Behaviour

Right or wrong, many of our children spend long hours without parental supervision. Crime and antisocial behavior peaks within the hours immediately after school. Children are prevented from participation in antisocial behavior if they attend an after school club.


Enhancing Self Esteem

Participating in after school activities develops your child’s talents in arts or sport. By becoming skilled in their chosen activity, they receive recognition and appreciation that will in turn boost their self esteem.


Research suggests that children who attend after school clubs develop better communication skills. They also learn how to think on their feet. Besides improving school attendance and academic performance, clubs reinforce school learning with practical application.



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