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Ray Lodge Primary School

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Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

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Olympic Athlete Visit



Ray Lodge Primary were very lucky to have an Olympic Athlete Visit the school on Thursday 27th November.

GB decathlete and Olympic hopeful Jack Andrew.


Jack is a former UK champion, and a medallist on the international athletics scene. 

Jack spoke to the children about overcoming bullying and injuries to get to the position he is in now and how he is hopeful for the next Olympics. He talked about how he was inspired by his PE teacher at school to take up the event, and how an athlete does not reach his peak in this event until they are in their mid/late twenties.


Jack went on to teach the children specific training warm ups and the element of competition.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

One of the Year Six teachers wrote: 

'I can only speak for the children in my class, but they were enthused and truly grateful for the chance to meet a professional athlete.

The Q&A gave them the chance to ask some rather profound questions and a few children came away with an inspiring insight in what it takes to become a professional athlete- a few murmurings of 'wow! I'd like to try out a new sport'.

I also had a lot of athletics based similes and metaphors in their writing yesterday afternoon too...piercing the clouds like a javelin was my personal favourite.

So once again thank you from behalf of 6P and here's to more visits in the future.'  


We wish Jack all the best in the future.

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