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Ray Lodge Primary School

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Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

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How do we teach handwriting?


We follow the Nelson handwriting scheme to enable our children to form their letters in the conventional way and write in a  joined script which is neat, fluent and legible.


Nelson provides a clear, practical framework for implementing and developing a whole-school handwriting policy full of enjoyable activities. It offers full coverage of the technical aspects of writing (including letter formation, basic joins, printing, speedwriting and slant) and these are taught in purposeful and curriculum-relevant contexts, principally in the areas of phonics, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.

The Nelson programme goes from Reception through to Year 6 and includes resources, including Pupils᾿ Books, Teacher’s Books, Resources and Assessment Books, workbooks, friezes and flashcards and online software.



The following links will help you support your child with their handwriting at home:


- Instructional videos

- How to join in cursive writing





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