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Ray Lodge Primary School

Striving for Excellence

Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

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Who's who in the LGB

Chris Curtis - 1 year term of office

Chair of the LGB

A retired Headteacher with over 30 years’ experience in good and outstanding schools. Chris is (for the next 14 weeks only) a serving Headteacher of St Anthony’s Catholic School in Woodford, within the Diocese of Brentwood up until July 2017. During the past 5 years she has been an active member of the Redbridge Headteacher Steering group and part of the Redbridge Education Partnership.




Neil Tobias - 4 year term of office

An Assistant Head Teacher in a state secondary school, Neil oversees Key Stages 4 and 5, planning interventions, reviewing data and planning the curriculum. He also has pastoral responsibilities for both Key Stages, giving him an in depth knowledge of a wide range of issues that schools face. He is passionate to support his local primary school and the school that his two children attend. His passion lies in education and using it as a way to improve the lives of children and the community. His specialism is computing.


Shaheed Hossain  - 3 year term of office

Chair of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee

Shaheed brings a wealth of educational and professional experience having worked in Investment Banking for over 10 years in leadership capacities, taken up Management Consultancy roles scaling entities with reduced risk and diligent control frameworks, launched financial education platforms utilising technology, dealt with cross-industry vendors and regulatory mandates, overseen highly technical

policy and projects, and more recently focused on property markets. Being self-employed and a partner in his own business in the community coupled with a genuine lifelong passion and commitment to education, working closely with schools is an important civic duty for him.


Megan Whittaker - 2 years term of office

Vice Chair of the LGB

Being a lawyer, Megan has a number of skills including exercising sound judgment, living up to professional ethical standards of objectivity, honesty and integrity and upholding the rule of law. In her day to day work, she develops contracts for clients which address particular risks and issues identified. Having been a qualified lawyer for over three years now she enjoys a certain level of responsibility – supervising juniors, managing transactions and relying on her judgment to make decisions. She understands the importance of reasoned debate and is not afraid to voice my opinion and to challenge others.  Having studied at Cambridge University and having enjoyed a successful academic career, Megan’s main driver for becoming a governor is to develop keen intellect, hard work ethics, dedication and also enjoyment of and interest in education.


Rajpreet Bhuller 4 year term of office

With over 7 years’ experience in financial accounting and achieving successes in business transformation and leading projects, Rajpreet is keen to utilise skills gained in an education environment. She is passionate towards children’s education and ensuring that best outcomes and achievements are maximised. She was previously a school bursar and she is keen to re-engage with the education sector and be part of the creative change amongst teachers and staff who are equally passionate towards children’s successes.


Umair Malik - 3 year term of office

As a public servant, working as a Programme Manager in the Parliament Digital Service, Umair has over 20 years of professional experience. His expertise is in managing complex stakeholders within small and large organisations, application of technology to improve business outcomes, deliver benefits and ultimately drive efficiencies to reduce cost to the public purse. As a father of two, he has a personal interest in providing children a safe, happy and supporting environment for learning and achieving outstanding results. He is a resident of Redbridge with a deep commitment to his community. Umair has previously been the Vice-Chair of Governors at Farnham Green Primary School when it was a Redbridge Community school.


John Lee 

Head of School - Farnham Green Primary School










Harjinder Kaur

Head of School - Ray Lodge Primary School




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