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Ray Lodge Primary School

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Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

Part of Strive4 Academy Trust

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Whole Class Guided Reading

As a school, we have decided upon whole class guided reading as we feel it is the best way to ensure all children are able to increase their vocabulary, understanding and enjoyment of texts. It allows in-depth discussion of high quality books daily for every child.  Through the scheme Take One Book, linked to a text, the children see the process of English as not being three separate entities. We know the children are unable to produce high quality writing unless they have been exposed to high quality discussion and ‘rich talk’ conversations about the book. Having the opportunity to do this every day is vital to the children’s development as readers; daily high quality discussions around a whole breadth of genres encourages them to be independent and fluent readers who can read silently.


Take One Book 

This is a book-based, process-led approach to teaching reading for meaning and depth of understanding.


Take One Book is a four-stage framework for reading based on up-to-date research and tested in schools.

Skills for reading, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary are taught through exciting book-based units which offer engaging reading experiences.


High-quality dialogic teaching underpins and is key to the process.


Stage 1

Hook and Orientation takes account of what readers need to know to access a text.


Stage 2

First Encounters secures literal understanding and provides opportunities for exploration of texts as children develop their understanding.


Stage 3

Digging Deeper focuses on teaching new skills, unlocking the layers of meaning with text and language study.


Stage 4

Review and Reflect includes revisiting a text, thinking about thematic content and text to world discussions.


For more information about Take One Book - click here.


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